FourLeaf Leadership

At FourLeaf Leadership, we don't leave success to luck!

We offer 1:1 coaching, group training, and webinars that focus on accountability, resources, tools, training, and your WHY to get you the results you deserve!

Who we help:

  • Businesses experiencing turnover who want to find out WHY it's happening and keep employees around LONGER
  • Individuals looking to advance their career with their current company OR elsewhere
  • Leaders who want to be MORE effective for their team AND for themselves
  • Business owners searching for an outside perspective or line of accountability

We want ALL of you to get the results that you deserve! Set up a discovery call with AJ to learn how FourLeaf Leadership can guide you to success. See the Calendly link below or send an email to

Services Offered through FourLeaf Life & Leadership

The basis of FourLeaf Life & Leadership is growth. Emotional intelligence coaching isn't just a buzzword - it's a real skill that leaders need to lead their team to success.

We'll train (and coach!) your leadership team to improve their EQ (Emotional Quotient) so you can watch your performance improve!

It's not just motivational speaking. It's not enough to have your team leave feeling energized, they need to feel as though they have learned a new skill or improved upon useful skills.

AJ Emery is an engaging public speaker that will bring value to your event. She delivers talks on a variety of topics - reach out to discuss your next conference, rally, or other event today!

When you get your team together, you want them to have grown. You want them to feel valued! Consider a workshop or webinar with FourLeaf Life & Leadership.

Topics include Problem-Solving Techniques, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Communication Styles, and so much more.

It's true. It's incredible.

Have you even implemented a solution that didn't work?

The money, the time, the resources spent... just LOST.

Imagine NEVER having to experience that again.

We can make that a reality through our problem-solving techniques. Check out the worksheets in Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching. These worksheets are designed for individuals looking to grow (personal) and leaders helping others to grow (professional).

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