Who is FourLeaf?

AJ Emery, owner

AJ has been a natural leader her whole life.

She has been professionally coaching since 2010.

Remember those kids on the playground that you'd look at and say:

"Yup, they're gonna be the boss when they grow up."

That was AJ, but not in a good way. Growing up a bossy kid, AJ learned that telling people what to do and how to do it didn't work so well.

She set out to learn how to do it better.

At the University of MN, she studied Music Education. She led bands, small groups, choirs, and taught classes. She learned how to get the attention of a crowd and hold it. She lead the colorguard, joined a fraternity, and then she graduated.

She graduated in December on 2008.

The height of the recession.

A friend called and asked if she'd consider selling cell phones. It wasn't something she ever thought she would do, but really, she only had one question:

"Do they offer insurance?"


After a year and a half of balancing a full-time sales job and teaching part-time at an inner city school in Minneapolis, she finally landed her dream job: new hire trainer.

As a trainer, AJ learned three important skills: facilitating training for adults, leadership coaching, and human performance technology.

She very quickly became a leader in all three - earning accolades and awards after just a few short years. It was then she knew she could grow no more in that position and moved on to cultivate her skills in the small business world, where business results were even more important.

In the four years she spent there, that business grew from 300 employees to 700 employees. She worked hard to have a positive influence on everything she could from on-boarding and training new hires, to improving processes and procedures, and providing continuing development for the leadership.


Once again, it is time.

AJ is ready to take everything she's learned about emotional intelligence coaching, training, public speaking, and HPT and bring it to more businesses and more leaders.

These four skills will transform the way your leaders operate. From good to great, from underdog to leader of the pack; spend some time with AJ and you'll know exactly what the path ahead should be.