Strategic Planning

Have you ever made a goal for your company and then never seen it come to fruition? What is your company going to accomplish this year, next year, ten years from now? Do you know? Are you confident it's the RIGHT goal with the RIGHT plan?

Strategic Planning isn't just figuring out where the money is going. This skillset involves identifying gaps in human performance, learning what is causing those gaps, and implementing interventions that will actually help you reach your goals!

Sounds simple, but simple isn't always easy.

At FourLeaf Leadership, we don't leave success to luck. Our Strategic Planning methods are based on the tried and true processes of Human Performance Technology.

Human Performance Technology emerged in the 1950s and will revolutionize the way leaders approach goals and problems. We focus on four simplified key components:

  • Choosing a Goal (Performance Analysis)
  • The Six Reasons (Cause Analysis)
  • Identifying Interventions
  • Evaluation

Through these steps, we will help your business choose the RIGHT goals and develop the RIGHT processes to be successful. That's right, no luck involved, just proven methodology and science.

We can walk you through the process, or better yet, train your team to be self-sufficient in this style of planning and problem-solving. Reach out to AJ Emery to get started!