Public Speaking Coaching

When was the last time you spoke in front of a group - formally or informally?

How did it FEEL? Were you nervous? Excited?

What about after? Did you feel good about it? Wish it had gone differently?

Speaking for yourself in public can be invigorating and terrifying. To me, public speaking occurs any time we have another set of ears listening in to what we say - around the table at a meeting, in front of a group for a presentation, or even introducing yourself in a network setting.

So let's explore the world of effective speaking together! We'll cover the internal struggle of speaking, some tips and tricks, and learn how to effectively practice in YOUR speaking persona.

During our time we will:

  • Identify your perception of public speaking
  • Determine if your speaking mindset is serving you
  • Demonstrate understanding of important concepts like "one person, one thought"
  • Practice effective strategies for rehearsing public speaking - both formally and informally

Whether it's a formal presentation, speaking up in meetings, or any other form of public speaking - we've got you! Don't leave success to luck. Work with FourLeaf Leadership to improve your public speaking skills to guarantee results you deserve!